Product Designer, UX/UI Designer, UX Researcher
For many individuals and families finding affordable housing in America is challenging. However, Golden Property Development & Management provides resources for rental assistance and mortgage assistance to individuals and families that are at a high risk of becoming homeless. I had the opportunity to build their website that gave residence the opportunity to view properties and discuss their housing situation with qualified staff members to secure their dream of home ownership.
Assuming that residences will want to add a payment method and will want to make a payment online. 
The design for online payments, online bookings, and online viewing needs to be accessible for individuals with disabilities.
Ensuring that the online booking, online payment, and online viewing is accessible on mobile devices.
Product detail information regarding the property and keeping the information updated with images of the property.
Verify that residences are actual residences of the property before they submit their payment. 
Ensure that all availability for booking online are displayed and available for residences to book an appointment on desktop computers and mobile devices. 
Ensure that all dates are available and corresponds with staff members to ensure that residence can view the property.
Provide all updated information on available properties to upload images of the site for residence to view.

Residences' Behavior and Motivation
I was given the opportunity to discuss residences feedback with the executive stakeholder, project manager, and software engineer for analyzing the data to define residences behavior and motivation.
I led the discussion of building concepts that define the residences behavior and motivation for locating affordable housing in America. 
I led the executive stakeholder, project manager, and software engineer to discuss the goals of the residences for translating into the design that demonstrates their motivation.
The Design
I led a team of product designers, UX/UI Designers, Software Engineers, and Product Managers for translating residences behavior and motivation into an accessible digital product. I had the opportunity to lead the team for building design concepts and prototypes that demonstrated residences behavior.
I led A UX/UI Designer to build mock-ups for defining the design and discovering solutions to complex design issues.
I presented the design to the executive stakeholder for leading the discussion for defining the design. 
For residence to view the properties locations, square footage, and prices I discussed design options with the product manager. We came to the realization that the design will need to be simple and display the property that included information of the price and location. Residences can research the properties further by viewing images of the various rooms included with the property.
Residences are given the opportunity to book appointments online for them to meet with staff, view the properties, and for repairs. future/current residences can book an appointment to meet in person, virtually, and for chatting online with a staff member. The team and I discussed any assumptions and complex design issues for discovering solutions that led to building an online booking app.
The best approach for building this feature for residences to make payments online and including payment methods was by collaborating with the software engineer on the team. I was able to lead UX/UI Designers to build concepts for the web app.
Customer Engagement
I discovered when residences were given options to book an appointment online for communicating with staff members residences actively communicated their concerns for locating affordable housing. Residences are comfortable discussing their need for rental assistance and mortgage assistance with staff members. Residences are frequently requesting information regarding various properties that are available with staff members.
Customer Conversion
By given residences the opportunity to discuss any housing issues with staff members online, residences felt more comfortable in this setting. Residences were able to communicate their housing concerns with staff members online without others hearing about their hardship. 
I am especially proud to be apart of this project and to be a driving force behind assisting those who are in need of affordable housing. This project is interesting when learning about the services that can provide residences with affordable housing. I designed the website to meet the needs for residences that have disabilities and for the mature audience to optimize their experience. 

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