Product Designer, UX/UI Designer, UX Researcher
The Planet That We Live On, not for profit organization, that educates individuals about alternative methods that will not cause harm to the planet. I had the opportunity to lead a multifunctional team to translate concepts into a website that users will access on desktop computers and mobile devices.
Building an online community for users share information for other users to learn alternative methods that will protect the planet.
Building a community page for every program that the organization offers to users offline and online.
Ensure that the online community will respond on desktop computers and mobile devices to optimize users' experience. 
Ensure that the information that users provide will be secure and that users will be providing opportunities to create an account.
Ensure that the information that users provide will be secure.
Ensure that the information regarding the programs are accurate and that each program are still active.
Behavior and Motivation
Leading a multifunctional team of Product Designers, UX/UI Designers, Project Managers, Product Managers, Software Engineers, and UX Researchers to build insight from analyzing users' feedback by conducting user interviews and user surveys.
I discovered from conducting user interviews that the primary donors are searching for various alternative methods to keep our planet protected from any harmful methods that are been practiced in our modern society. These individuals also are searching for methods to include in their daily lifestyle and they want to start urban gardens within their local community. I also, discovered that these individuals want to research more information for starting their own programs within their local community to educate others on various methods that they can contribute to for protecting our planet from any harmful methods that are endangering our planet.
I built user goals for demonstrating and leading the discussion with the team and the executive stakeholder regarding the needs for the donors to accomplish their goals. Each  donor wants to research more information for various methods for alternative ways that they can clean their home and prepare healthy meals that will not harm our planet. They are also looking to start their own urban garden for producing their own produce to educate their local community regarding using organic produce and trying alternative methods for growing their own produce. They are interested in introducing their local community to composting and recycling to improve the health of our planet.
The Design
Before translating concepts into the website, the team and I were able to discover ideas that optimized the users' experience. Building features for users to accessing information about the organization's programs that provide alternative methods that will not harm the planet further.
Leading the team to build templates for guidance during the design process of the website to ensure that the design is consistent for desktop computers and mobile devices.
I discovered that users were not aware of the organization's programs and that they wanted to learn more. I led a team of UX Designers to translate concepts into an accessible feature for them learn more details about the programs. The team and I defined concepts that displayed programs for users to learn more about other alternative methods for protecting the planet.  therefore, I translated design concepts for both desktops and mobile devices to build the finalize design of the website that display how users will access detail information regarding the programs that are offered to the targeted audience. 
I led the team to build features that display the various subjects for users to learn about alternative methods for protecting our planet.
The organization primary relies on volunteers to introduce the various programs that are offered to educate others about alternative methods for protecting our planet. Volunteers can introduce others that are interested to the website for information about volunteering with the organization. 
I discovered that The organization wants to launch their website next year for their fundraiser to introduce the various programs that are available. therefore, the organization wants to utilize to educate users regarding various methods that can be safe for the environment to safeguard. I also, discovered that the organization wants to utilize the website to collect donations and interact with their users by including a blog. furthermore, the organization is considering allowing users to become members where they can interact with other users on the website. 

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